Sunday, November 1, 2009

I'm on a Roll with Deyrolle...

...but I promise to give it a rest after this! However, I didn't want to go without mentioning Martin D'Orgeval, who also photographed Deyrolle following its cataclysmic fire. Whereas Laurent Bochet created a studio setting, D'Orgeval captured the charred victims and remains of Deyrolle in situ.

Both photographers delivered stunning images for us to enjoy and as a way to support and honor the fabled Paris shop. Like Bochet, D'Orgeval collected his photographs into a book, "Touched by Fire."

He exhibited his photos earlier this year at Deyrolle, as well as the Adamson Gallery in Washington, D.C.

Photo courtesy of Deyrolle

Photo courtesy of the Adamson Gallery

From November 9th through 30th, D'Orgeval's images will be on display at Black's Member's Club in London, presented by the The Drawbridge (non-members may make appointments to view the exhibit).

Some of the animals and specimens lost in the Deyrolle fire dated back as far as the early 19th century. While such historical pieces are irreplaceable, D'Orgeval's work helps preserve their memory.

All images by Martin D'Orgeval, unless otherwise noted. If I have misattributed any photo, please let me know!

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