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Out of the Ashes: The Return of Deyrolle

Photo by Martin d'Orgeval

In my last post, I mentioned Deyrolle, the beloved Parisian taxidermy shop. On February 1, 2008 a fire devastated much of the apartment and its collections (more here and here).

Deyrolle after the fire. Photo by Prof. Jas Mundie

Image Hosted by
Photo by Martin d'Orgeval

Photo by Mark Dantan

Photo by Martin d'Orgeval

Laurent Bochet exposition 1000°C - next picture
Photo by Laurent Bochet

Photographer Laurent Bochet, a friend of Deyrolle owner Louis Albert de Broglie, captured images of the fire's aftermath. Although the space was in ruins, the scenes Bochet memorialized are breathtakingly and hauntingly beautiful. Vestiges of their former glory, the animals and remains of the shop still manage to fascinate.

Photo by Laurent Bochet

Laurent Bochet 5 - next picture
Photo by Laurent Bochet

Photo by Laurent Bochet

Photo by Laurent Bochet

Along with the text of Louis Albert de Broglie, Bochet collected his images into a book, "1000 °C," which is available here , here and here. The book was released in Europe on September 1, 2009, the same day Deyrolle reopened its doors. Today marks the US release.

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Photo by Laurent Bochet

The legions who love this Paris institution rallied behind its restoration. Deyrolle has returned to a proud state (though renovations continue in some parts of the building), and donations have helped the shop rebuild its collections.

The principal gallery at Deyrolle, the famed Parisian taxidermy shop
Deyrolle before the Fire. Photo by Mark Danton, via

Deyrolle before the fire. Image via

Deyrolle Today? Image via

Through December 1, 2009 Deyrolle has Bochet's photographs on exhibit in the shop. Great interviews here and here delve further into the photographer's experience with this project. As Bochet himself mentioned, the animals destroyed in the Deyrolle fire died two deaths in a way. Fortunately, they will live on through this amazing exhibit and book.

Laurent Bochet. Image via

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