Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Ode to John Lautner

Calling all John Lautner fans! Tonight, as part of its After Hours program, the Orange County Museum of Art will screen "Infinite Space: The Architecture of John Lautner." The film "traces the lifelong quest of visionary genius John Lautner to create 'architecture that has no beginning and no end'... Original archive drawings and photographs are layered with artistic photography of seminal buildings, bringing to life Lautner's quest to create timeless space." The screening starts at 8pm and is free with museum admission.

John Lautner at Taliesen. Image via "John Lautner."

John Lautner was a 20th Century American architect whose work is best defined by a connection to nature and an original imagination. He was an apprentice to Frank Lloyd Wright, and though his name is not as well known, he is one of the few Wright underlings who truly made a legacy of his own.

John Lautner, Architect. Image by

After leaving Frank Lloyd Wright, John Lautner found himself in Los Angeles, where he practiced for some fifty-five years. His work defies definition: all of his creations were incredibly inventive, and no two were ever the same. I could go on and on about this architectural genius, but instead I will leave you with some images of his work (you may recognize a few!):

Chemosphere/ Malin Residence, Los Angeles. Image via

Sheats/Goldstein Residence, Los Angeles.

Segal House, Malibu. Image via

Stevens Residence, Malibu. Image by New York Times.

Elrod House, Palm Springs. Image by Architectural Digest.

Garcia Residence, Los Angeles. Image via

If anyone knows source of unattributed image, please let me know!

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