Thursday, October 8, 2009

I left My Heart at Cavallo Point Lodge!

Last weekend I took a quick trip to San Francisco. While I normally stay in the city, this time I opted to stay across the bay at the Cavallo Point Lodge.

The historical Fort Baker, nestled in the shadows of the Golden Gate Bridge, provides a home to this environmentally sustainable resort hotel. You arrive from a winding road shortly after crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and instantly you feel taken back in time. The resort has two styles of lodging, historic and contemporary:


Since this was my first visit, I left my choice to fate, and my jaw dropped when I walked into my contemporary accommodations. Not only did I have a breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge and beyond, but my palatial room was beautifully appointed in warm tones and bamboo finishes.

After spending some time on my balcony taking it all in, I took a short walk to have dinner at Murray Circle, one of the lodge's two restaurants. The signature restaurant of Cavallo Point, Murray Circle offers delicious, seasonal fare. The plates are smaller, so one has ample opportunity to sample the restaurant's inventive combinations. Butterball potato gnocchi with salmon roe? Halibut with sassafras, hazelnuts, and sea urchin emulsion? Grilled corn créme brûlée? All I can say is...yum! (In addition to Murray Circle, one can dine at the more casual Farley's Bar or have light fare at the Tea House).

Besides gastronomical delights, Cavallo Point has a fabulous array of services and activities: spa treatments, cooking school, bike riding, and yoga, to name a few. I will have to partake of those options on my next visit, as I was perfectly happy sitting on my balcony, enjoying the cuisine, and walking the amazing grounds.

This resort is a wonderful place to relax and take it all in, with the added bonus of being right next door to the city. My weekend at Cavallo Point was a dream, and I can't wait to go back!

Not only did Cavallo Point provide for a serene and delightful weekend, but it also seems to be the convening point of cute cars:

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  1. Keri, I'm so glad you posted on Cavallo Point. It is very much a hidden gem, and I agree it has an absolutely stunning view of the "other" side of the Golden Gate. It is quite and peaceful and the grounds are as you said beautiful. My friend said she felt that is was a little Orwellian for her taste but we went ahead and stayed and had some fancy drinks on the second floor veranda above Farley's Bar anyway. It was an abnormally warm day as I remember and I loved every minute of it. Glad you got to see the rooms thanks for posting. I'll have to go back and visit the spa and catch a yoga class sometime. amanda

  2. Amanda, I'm excited to hear you've been to Cavallo and liked it too! In retrospect I can see the possibility of Orwellian undertones, but it's just so idyllic I'm willing to let that go...