Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Common Thread

Henry Darger, Marcel Dzama, Larissa Bates: there is a common thread in the work of these three artists. Henry Darger came first, with his beautiful and simultaneously haunting creations.

Untitled (At Cedemine, they are treacherously attacked...)

A great post about Mr. Darger can be found here, and his work can be seen here and here. I don't know too much about Marcel Dzama, but after seeing it on the blog of Hollister Hovey, I was smitten with the video he and Patrick Daughters directed, and I certainly want to learn more about this fellow. See more here.

Fearful Lineup, 2004

This video references Mr. Dzama's work and also reminds me of a number of works by the last artist, Larissa Bates, particularly those with Napoleans.

Napoleans Surround Wrestler in Front of Hunting Cabin: Man Power, 2007

Surprise Attack in Akkadian Fertility Garden, 2007

I discovered Larissa Bates when I was virtual gallery hopping one day, and I instantly fell in love with her work. There is a great interview with her here, and her work can be found here and here. All three are/were such talented individuals, and each has an incredibly unique point of view...See what you think!

Henry Darger:

Marcel Dzama:

Untitled, 2003

Saddest Ghost, 2004

Untitled, 2004

Larissa Bates:

Head Honchos Capture MotherMan in Persian Miniature Landscape, 2008

Looking up Gilgamesh's Bull of Heaven, 2007

Soldier and Two Dogs, 2007

Harpies Escaping on Tut's Chariot, 2007

Images from the Hammer Gallery, Edlin Gallery, Richard Heller Gallery, and Monya Rowe Gallery.


  1. love this art! great parallels among them.

  2. Kstuart, I'm glad you like it! I'm really smitten with all three artists.